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Soil Sensors Display Terminal Moisture Temperature EC PH NPK Soil Analyzer

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Soil Sensors Display Terminal Moisture Temperature EC PH NPK Real Time Monitoring Soil Testing Kit

The soil sensor terminal is the latest handheld agricultural sensor developed by JXCT, which can be connected to soil moisture sensor, soil NPK meter, soil ph sensor, soil ec tester, etc.


  • Plug and measure, direct data display

  • 4.3 inch display, large capacity storage

  • Automatic alarm elimination, backlight power saving

  • 4G reporting cloud platform

Handheld Soil Sensor Terminal
Connected Equipment
1-4 Modbus device combination

Communication protocol

Modbus Serial communication protocol
Display data
Equipment raw data
Operating temperature
Working humidity
0-90%RH non-condensing
Working power
12V DC charging, 2500mAh(standard) lithium battery
Display method
2.8 inch LCD display
Communication methodUSB

Data storage

4MB (standard)
Charge time
≤4H (standard)

* The handheld soil sensor terminal is battery powered.

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